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In our vibrant and exciting residence halls that range from the traditional doubles to apartment-style living for upperclassmen, you can experience educational, cultural, recreational and social programs to help you grow as a person and make your mark on Red Hawk Country.

A wide range of living arrangements

There’s plenty of variety in Montclair State’s ten residence areas – from traditional two-student bedrooms to apartment-style suites. All of our residence halls include lounge and recreation spaces and many include conveniently located dining options.

Here are a few examples of the variety we offer.

The Heights

Montclair State’s newest residence area, the Heights, includes eight suite-style residence halls centered around Sam’s Place, our largest buffet-style dining hall.

Each of the four residence halls in the Heights includes its own multi-purpose room, several lounge spaces, designated quiet study spaces and a community kitchen.

The Heights is also popular for being located right next to the Student Recreation Center, a 77,000-square-foot facility dedicated to promoting health, wellness, fitness and community service. The Student Recreation Center houses a two-court gymnasium, two racquetball courts, 25 yard/six-lane indoor heated pool, elevated indoor track, locker rooms with showers and over 11,000 square feet of space dedicated to assorted exercise equipment.

Photo of The Heights
The Heights at night.

Hawk Crossings

Hawk Crossings offers a small, quiet community for up to 350 students located just across the street from campus on Clove Road. Frequent shuttle service is provided for easy access to the main campus facilities, but Hawk Crossings’ immediate access to the on-campus 鶹ýUniversity train station is ideal for juniors and seniors commuting to internships in New York City.

Each apartment has a living room, combination kitchen/dining room, full bathroom and two bedrooms for four students. The Hawk Crossings complex also contains its own dedicated laundry facilities and parking area.

Hawk Crossing apartments
Hawk Crossings on move-in day.

Freeman Hall

Located on the south side of campus, Freeman Hall is a suite-style hall that contains its own buffet-style dining facility. Freeman Hall is the proud home of the College of the Arts Living Learning Community – a program that helps students on similar academic tracks meet and make friends with other students who share their interests.

Freeman Hall is located directly across the quad from the John J. Cali School of Music building and only a short distance from the Alexander Kasser Theater. That and its ready access to the Montclair Heights train station and DeCamp bus routes make it an especially popular choice for performing arts majors.

aerial photo of freeman hall, russ hall, and cali school of music
Freeman Hall (top) across from the Cali School of Music (bottom).

Specialty Housing
Living communities

Living communities are optional programs that allow students to be placed as neighbors and roommates with other students like them or who share similar interests.

There are five college or school Living Learning Communities that help students meet other students studying the same topics, but in addition, the University also offers:

  • Global Living – A community for both international and American students who want to learn about the customs and traditions of other cultures.
  • Women’s Special Interest Living – An intentional all-women’s community open to first-year and returning students that focuses on the positive roles of women in the greater society.
  • Stonewall Suites – A safe and welcoming community where residents are placed without consideration of gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation. This community seeks to connect students interested in supporting and educating themselves and their community about the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and allied community.
  • Emerging Leaders Living – A community for first-year students who have a background or interest in leadership, either at their high school or in the community. The community will hold several events throughout the year to teach its members how to be effective leaders in college and beyond.
  • Honors Living – Students who are active members of the University’s Honors Program are eligible to join in this community that focuses around academic achievement and intellectual growth.
  • Family and Child Studies Living Learning – Students enrolled in one of the Family and Child Studies majors can apply to live in this community which focuses on applying the Family and Child Studies curriculum to community service and campus community participation.
  • Sophomore Success – The Sophomore Success Living Community is open to students with 24 or more credits and is intended to facilitate the transition toward autonomy and self-significance. Residents also have the opportunity to serve as mentors to first year residents.

Campus community

Living on campus means being at the center of the campus community, a place where you can explore what it means to be you. Make friends, join a club, attend a seminar, cheer on the football team – it’s all there just a few steps outside your front door.

  • Student Government Association – The SGA oversees more than 100 on-campus organizations, including academic interest groups, public service groups or even shared interest clubs.
  • Greek Life – A fraternity or sorority can help personalize your college experience and serve as an avenue of endless opportunities. A Greek organization offers a scholastic support system which includes hands-on experience in leading committees, managing budgets, and interacting with faculty and administrators.
  • Campus Recreation – In addition to overseeing the Student Recreation Center, the Department of Campus Recreation organizes dozens of events every year, holds regular fitness classes, outdoor recreation equipment rentals and even off-campus adventures.
  • Center for Student Involvement – The CSI is an administrative department that holds on-campus events and activities open to all students regardless of club membership or affiliation. One of its primary goals is to help bridge the social divide between resident and commuter students.
  • Student Life at Montclair – SLAM is the student programming board within the Student Government Association that organizes events and activities sponsored by the SGA directly or that need collaboration between multiple clubs.

SLAM, Campus Recreation, and the various club and organization events are all planned, organized and run by students. Join them and be an integral part of a vibrant and active campus community!

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