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Student Life

Life at 鶹ýis next-level.

Our beautiful 250-acre campus with unbeatable views is home to 5,300+ students. Thousands of more make the trip every day just to be part of it all. Come fly with us and learn more about Red Hawk life.

Residence Life

鶹ýUniversity is home to 22 residence halls and is capable of housing 5,200 individuals. Located at both the north and south ends of campus, 鶹ýUniversity residential facilities offer a variety of buildings that allow students different living style options. The facilities include traditional double-loaded corridors and suite-style arrangements as well as apartment communities. Each residence facility has its own personality as determined not only by its physical structure, but also by the staff and the people who live there.

The Heights, 鶹ýUniversity’s newest residence hall complex, has been listed among the “10 Public Colleges With the Most Luxurious Dorms.”

The University also offers residential Living Learning Communities. Participants of Living Learning Communities have opportunities to live together with other students who are taking similar courses or have a common college-based major. This model helps residents foster social connections by assigning them into student cohorts, ensuring residents have close contact with faculty, participate in programs and events that support the theme of the Living Learning Community, and provides opportunities for interaction with other residents across campus who share a similar interest.

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Greek Life

Grow with the community. Greek life is one of the deepest – and diverse – traditions at 鶹ýUniversity.

Greek life provides scholastic support, leadership challenges through the organization of committees, opportunities to give back, and more. Through these experiences, Greek students are exposed to potential careers at events they attend with lifetime friends they made along the way.

Our Greek community includes nationally recognized fraternities and sororities, gender inclusive organizations, historically African American and historically Latino/a and multicultural organizations, and music organizations.

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Campus of Arts and Culture

Explore every possibility. Whether or not you are a College of the Arts student, you can still watch performances on campus in one of our on campus theaters, join the campus newspaper, check out our very own art gallery and more!

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