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Information for Students

Project Restart Student Information

Prospective Students

How do I make sure I’m in the program?

  • An Enrollment Navigator will reach out to you during your application process. If you haven’t heard from us and think you should be part of the program, contact us at

Do I have to be in a particular major?

  • No! You can be in any major to be part of Project Restart.

Do I need to have a particular GPA?

  • No! All you need is to be admitted to Montclair as a transfer or readmit student returning to complete your degree, and have taken a break of at least one semester.

How do I apply for the childcare voucher program?

  • Your Enrollment Navigator will work with you to fill out a registration form for the childcare voucher.

What do I need to do to receive my book stipend?

  • You don’t need to take any steps to receive your book stipend.
  • We do advise that you enroll in direct deposit to receive your book stipend once registered for classes.
Enrolled Students

How do I know who my Academic Success Coach is?
  • Your Enrollment Navigator will connect you with your Academic Success Coach shortly after you decide to enroll.

How will my Success Coach help me?

  • Your coach will spend time with you over the whole semester, helping you set and achieve short term goals, supporting you as you complete your coursework, and identifying resources you can take advantage of on campus.

Contact Us

For more information please contact:

  • Prospective Students: Jordanna Maziarz, Director of Undergraduate Admissions, at
  • Enrolled Students: Dr. Julie Mazur, Assistant Provost for Academic Success and Tutoring, at