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Alumni Networks

Have you signed on to ? Your exclusive alumni online community has over 25 networking groups to join.

Groups are a great way to connect with fellow alumni from your school/college, in your region, with shared interests and more. Living in Florida? Or maybe on the West Coast? Interested in volunteering? Join the Recent Alumni Network or the Women’s initiative Network (WIN). There’s a group for everyone on !

You can start a discussion, view resources and learn about new opportunities to build your network and expand your knowledge base.

Some of the groups you can join include:

Black Alumni Advisory Council (BAAC)

A new 鶹ýBlack Alumni Advisory Council will bring together 鶹ýgraduates who are of African descent in the Diaspora, connecting them to their alma mater and engaging them in preparing today’s students for academic and career success. Their inaugural gathering took place on campus during Homecoming 2021, providing an opportunity for alumni to come back to campus to reconnect with the University and with each other. The group hosted a panel discussion with The Jersey Four during Black History Month and are planning for their first annual gala celebration during Homecoming 2022. We invite you to join the group as they work together to pay it forward building and strengthening the network and supporting student success.

Bloomfield College Alumni Association (BCAA)

July 1, 2023, Bloomfield College officially became a part of 鶹ýUniversity. We are thrilled to welcome the Bloomfield alumni into our network!

The mission of the Bloomfield College Alumni Association (BCAA) is to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between the College and its alumni, to perpetuate a sense of pride in and commitment to the outstanding qualities of the College and the education it provides, and to promote, in partnership, a positive image of the College and its alumni through communication, service and leadership.

The Bloomfield College Alumni Association (BCAA) is dedicated to supporting student success. We develop programs and lend our expertise in various ways to empower Bloomfield’s future graduates. We would love to have you join us!

Hispanic Latinx/a/o Alumni Network (HLAN)

¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to the Hispanic/Latinx/a/o Alumni Network (HLAN) at 鶹ýUniversity! We are very excited to provide a space to connect the past, present and future MSU familia! The Hispanic/Latinx Alumni Network will provide a forum to strengthen connections. We welcome your participation as we work together to ensure that the voices of the MSU Hispanic/Latinx constituency are heard and contribute to the betterment of the community.

Recent Alumni Network (RAN)

The Recent Alumni Network (RAN) works to meet the needs and interests of alumni from the past ten graduating classes. Working with Alumni Engagement, the RAN Committee, representing the Classes of 2013 – 2023, will lead the charge in developing, planning, promoting, and delivering quality programs designed to engage recent graduates in the 鶹ýUniversity community.  The Committee focuses on programs reaching the current graduating class as they make the transition to alumni, addressing the special interests and needs of the first years following commencement, as well as providing opportunities for networking, community service, cultural and professional development activities.

Women’s Initiative Network (WIN)

The Women’s Initiative Network (WIN) formed to engage Montclair State’s nearly 93,000 alumnae in the intellectual, cultural and educational life of the University. We are looking to form a vibrant community of alumnae and friends to inspire and empower women to become leading volunteers and visionary donors. The objective of the group is to increase the number of women meaningfully engaged in University programs, empower the next generation of leaders and strengthen ties between and among alumnae and the University through a strong network of women committed to supporting Montclair State.

Attorney Alumni Network

The Attorney Alumni Network was formed to engage 鶹ýUniversity alumni who have gone on to become attorneys and are currently in law school. Attorney alumni represent a wide spectrum of law careers from those sitting on or retired from the bench, practicing at large firms to solo practitioners to recent graduates who are currently enrolled in law school. Attorney Alumni Network members are encouraged to remain connected and involved with the University and each other and to be available to help colleagues and students. Members provide a valuable network for fellow alumni and offer support for Pre-Law Program initiatives, including speaking in a class, serving on a panel and providing internship opportunities.

And there are many others to explore:

  • Each School/College
  • Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF)
  • Regional
  • And more!