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Policies and Guidelines

Role of a Principal Investigator
Information outlining the responsibilities of a Principal Investigator and who is eligible to serve as a PI.
Financial Conflict of Interest Policy
This policy applies to 鶹ýUniversity faculty, staff and students and any other University Investigators who are responsible for the design, conduct and reporting of research funded or proposed for funding by the federal government.
Guidelines on Responsible Conduct of Research Training for NSF awardees
Establishes the minimum RCR training requirements for postdocs, and undergraduate and graduate students who are supported, i.e., stipend, tuition and fees, or travel support by NSF and certain other funding agencies.
Single IRB (sIRB)
Information outlining the program and fees applicable to all non-exempt human subject research wherein the proposed activities associated with serving as a single IRB (sIRB) are the responsibility of 鶹ýUniversity IRB.

Regulatory Committees

  • Institutional Review Board (IRB)is charged to review, approve initiation of, and conduct periodic reviews of research projects that involve human participants.IRB Chair:Dana Levitt
  • is responsible to make sure that 鶹ýUniversity and the covered entities are in compliance with the Animal Welfare Regulations. IACUC Chair:Lisa Hazard
  • is a resource for information, guidelines, policies and procedures that will enable those working in the laboratory environment to work safely and reduce or eliminate the potential for exposure to biological hazards. IBC Chair: Peter Hosick


All personnel funded on 1)USDA/NIFA awards or 2)students funded NSF grants must complete the attached responsible conduct of research training online module as soon as a grant is awarded to 鶹ýUniversity.
Protecting Human Research Participants
All faculty, staff or students conducting IRB approved research must complete this online training.
Financial Conflict of Interest Policy
All Investigators involved in PHS funded programs must complete training in financial conflict of interest.
Foreign Financial Interests
All Investigators funded on federal awards are encouraged to complete the Undue Foreign Influence training module. Some investigators may be assigned to complete this training module depending on their research and outside collaborators.

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